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    It’s all about people

Technology at the service of the media. However, people are always the core of our work

Customers, users, partners or associates. The guidance of our strategies are personal relationships and the full satisfaction of demands of people around us.In Videobeet we make sure that technology and media work together in order to create a culture of accountability and sustainability

In Videobeet we are sure that technology and media must work together in order to create a culture of accountability and sustainability

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Years of Successful

4 Business Units

20 Professionals

Sharing of values even before objectives, enhancement of attitudes and then skills, this is the alchemy that has given rise to an extraordinary group of people and therefore professionals


Stefano Camisasca

Stefano Camisasca

Thanks to a long experience in media and technology gained in a reality like Microsoft, I decided to found Videobeet with the clear idea that technology and data are the most powerful weapon that advertising can use to be really effective. And thanks to this idea we have created strong relationships of trust with our customers. We are sure to be a true "Media Tech Company"

Paolo Ciabattoni

Paolo Ciabattoni

More than 20 years of experience in startups. A deep knowledge of the advertising market, digital communication and social marketing as well as proximity marketing and in-store communication. Sales and Marketing director

  • The Beginnings


    Videobeet was born from an idea of Stefano Camisasca, former Microsoft manager. Through a strategic partnership, it supports, with its own platform, the video schedules of OATH (former AOL)

  • The On Target and the Market


    Videobeet presents itself to the market with its guaranteed on-target video planning solution (socio-demo certified by Nielsen)

  • The DMP and the Mobile


    Mobeet , the mobile division of Videobeet, starts. The proprietary DMP, powered by Neodata, allows to offer geo-behavioral planning thanks to the big data acquired by the partner FreeLuna (free Wi-Fi national network) and by strategic agreements with hundreds of publishers

  • Snappress


    Videobeet and Mobeet developed a unique platform on digital media landscape: Telegram becomes an average for direct marketing

  • BeetleDesk


    A new idea of trading desk: transparency and ROI to increase customer lifetime value. New offices in Spain, UK and Hong Kong

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